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With changes to how we work brought upon us by the pandemic, there is the need to adjust how we operate our call centre operations.

With Wificall, you have the option to choose how you call. Either using a desktop IP phone, mobile app, desktop application or a combination of any.

Desktop IP phone — For large scale on-site teams, reception desks, residential buildings or any other establishment that require physical device access.

Mobile App — For mobile inclined teams, field teams and teams looking to maintain similar calling experience as on a regular call line.

Desktop Application — For hybrid teams, working from home or office, startups and CRM friendly activities.

Looking to add or get a new setup for your team?

For further inquiries, kindly call 01–2290000 or email hello@wificall.ng



WifiCall Music on Hold

Did you know you can make more of the time customers spend waiting on line to speak to a representative? Keep your potential customers informed and engaged with custom Music on Hold when they call your official line.

Music On Hold — the business practice of playing recorded music to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold. It is especially common in situations involving customer service.

Benefits of Music On Hold for your business

  • Improve efficiency in call handling.
  • Market products and services.
  • Shorten wait time by engaging customers.
  • Give a professional image to your business.

Next Steps

  • Have an existing business account with WifiCall .
  • Have at least 2 users/departments in your business.
  • Send an email to hello@wificall.ng or call 012290000 to get started.



WifiCall Wallboard Monitoring

With a growing customer support centre comes the need for detailed real-time data. WifiCall Wallboard monitoring gives you access to track and monitor your call center metrics.

WifiCall Wallboard provides data that is useful to the team and includes:

  • Answered and Abandoned calls
  • Total inbound calls
  • Average Hold and Average Talk time
  • Agent Report, Name and answered calls
  • Outbound/Inbound Call reports and more.

WifiCall Wallboard Monitoring is ideal for

  • A scaling customer call centre with 5 agents and above
  • Medium to high inbound call traffic
  • Improving overall Service Level Agreement

Next Steps

  • Have an existing business account with WifiCall .
  • Have at least 5 users/departments in your business.
  • Get started by sending us an email or call us

Call 01–2290000 or email hello@wificall.ng



As part of efforts to increase efficiency while using the WifiCall Service, we are glad to announce that you can now integrate with FreshCaller using WifiCall.

WifiCall + Freshcaller Integration
Wificall + Freshcaller integration

What does this mean?

This integration allows you to

  1. Place and receive calls directly from your CRM Dashboard
  2. Have incoming and outgoing calls logged in a pipeline.
  3. Use Interactive Voice Response and Smart call routing to manage calls

… and more

A short demo


What do you have to do to have this integration?

You need to have an existing wificall active service as well as an active subscription with Freshcaller.
To Get started, send an email to hello@wificall.ng to get onboarded.



Wificall NG

Wificall NG

Wificall gives you unlimited calls at a pocket-friendly rate. The service can be used by individuals, call centres, small and medium-sized businesses.