Small Nigerian Businesses have great potentials to grow and scale with the right resources applied in good timing. From a home office to an office space to crossing borders.

WifiCall Calling solutions are designed to ease this journey. One of such products is the WifiCall opening IVR.

IVR — Interactive Voice Response is an automated advanced telephony system technology that reads out pre-defined messages to guide a caller through a menu during a phone call by allowing the caller to choose the correct option by key press.

How does this apply to your business?

  • Improve efficiency in call handling.
  • Add…

As part of efforts to increase efficiency while using the WifiCall Service, we are glad to announce that you can now integrate with FreshCaller using WifiCall.

WifiCall + Freshcaller Integration
WifiCall + Freshcaller Integration
Wificall + Freshcaller integration

What does this mean?

This integration allows you to

  1. Place and receive calls directly from your CRM Dashboard
  2. Have incoming and outgoing calls logged in a pipeline.
  3. Use Interactive Voice Response and Smart call routing to manage calls

… and more

A short demo

What do you have to do to have this integration?

You need to have an existing wificall active service as well as an active subscription with Freshcaller.
To Get started, send an email to to get onboarded.

Wificall has launched a direct dial-in Zoom feature for Nigerians who may not have great internet access or poor call quality using their mobile connection to zoom.

While Zoom is best on video calls, Nigerians can now dial in if faced with little or no access to an internet-enabled device e.g. smartphone or Laptop.

Secondly, if the caller is having connection issues with a Zoom meeting, they can simply pick up their phone and dial in to the meeting.

This feature is also helpful to callers who are on the road, within remote locations, or outside of internet coverage.


Web callback is a technology that allows a person to enter a telephone number in a form field and a call is placed to the number entered.

There are three types of Web Callback :

  • Simple:- the user provides his account ID and phone number. When a callback is requested, he is connected with a predefined number (e.g. a help desk of the service provider).
  • Extended — the user provides his account credentials (account ID and password) and phone numbers: one he wants to be called back at and the one he wants to dial.
  • Hosted — the user provides…

OTP/Mobile Number Verification using API

Authentication is very important in modern web applications as it identifies users and allows them access to resources and content.

OTP or one-time password is a fast and effective way to verify the mobile/phone number of a user.

Usually, OTP is sent to the user’s mobile number via SMS/call.

Types of OTP

  1. Phone Call/SMS
  2. Email

Confirming that a user owns the number they used to register helps decrease fraud and spam. OTP API provides an easy way which allows you to call a code by phone to authenticate a user.

In this tutorial, we are going…

There is no better business than one which puts their customers first in everything, and every customer wants to speak with businesses as easily as they do with friends and family.

You may hear the acronym IVR and think it’s all techy but do not fret; Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone menu system that enables identification and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It is simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs.

Wificall has made this feature easily available to Small and Medium scale businesses in Nigeria to greatly improve their call…

Something amazing is coming this April. ANTICIPATE…

Wificall NG

Wificall gives you unlimited calls at a pocket-friendly rate. The service can be used by individuals, call centres, small and medium-sized businesses.

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